By investing in the right trimmer, a Rotatrim, we can promise to revolutionise the way you cut by offering a precise, robust and high-quality piece of cutting equipment which could last a lifetime.

Whether you are cutting and trimming at home, in an office, photo lab or studio, a school or in an industrial facility our large range of trimmers will assist you by giving a precise, clean cut. Not just the first time but every time.

Easy and completely safe to use, this cutters range from small desktop trimmers to larger industrial use trimmers. From the Pro Series range to the Technical T Series range our products can precisely and cleanly cut material from tissue paper to Mount Board.

Manufactured in Bedford, United Kingdom you will instantly recognise the quality that comes with the Rotatrim brand and the products which are hand-built by our skilled technicians. At Rotatrim we pride ourselves not only in product but in the high level of customer service we offer. Our highly knowledgeable customer care team can offer you full support from initial enquiry through to purchase and any aftercare you may require.


We invest fully in the high quality of every trimmer we build so much so that we can confidently offer a 5-year guarantee on most of our range. Being the manufacturer we can also offer spare parts on all of our trimmers because after 10 years of constant use, even one of our trimmers may need a new cutting wheel blade!