Under Review: The New Canon imagePrograf Pro-300 Inkjet Printer

Today  we are looking at the new 13-inch Canon imagePrograf Pro-300 inkjet printer.

The new printer provides an improved workflow as well as output within a smaller footprint than previous models. Furthermore, the New Premium Fine Art Rough paper features a textured surface to express the depth of an image.

Core features of the new printer include the use of 9-color Lucia Pro as well as chroma optimizer inks. They provide expanded color gamut and enhanced black density. What’s more, the new matte black ink now offers greater black density, smooth gradations and details in darker areas.

Canon imagePrograf Pro-300

The printer also integrates technologies to prevent print failures, such as a nozzle recovery system and a skew correction function. Nozzles are checked by sensors; if a clog is detected in one nozzle, others will automatically compensate for it.

Canon imagePrograf Pro-300

The Pro 300 is 15% smaller than its predecessor. In addition, Canon updated its Professional Print & Layout software to help create seamless photo printing from image-editing software. Those programs include Digital Photo Professional as well as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and stand-alone software.

Other features include improved media compatibility; the printer boasts the additional capability to support panorama-sized paper. It also employs multiple feeding methods for media of varying thicknesses.

Canon imagePrograf Pro-300 Display

Moreover, the printer produces a bordered 13×19-inch print in 4 minutes and 15 seconds when using Canon Photo Paper Pro Premium paper.

Finally, a 3-inch display improves the usability of the imagePrograf Pro-300. As a result, users can check the printer status and monitor ink levels at a glance.

Premium Fine Art Paper

What’s more, the new Premium Fine Art Rough paper is now available in a variety of sizes. They include 17 inches by 22 inches; 13 inches by 19 inches; and also letter size. The papers come within a pack of 25 sheets.

To help express the depth of an image and add a three-dimensional touch, the new paper has a rough texture. Canon says the cotton used to create the paper “provides a luxurious touch and makes it suitable for long-term storage.”

The Canon imagePrograf Pro-300 will ship later this month. It will have an MSRP of $899.99. The Premium Fine Art Rough paper will also be available later in July for the following MSRPs: letter size, $44.99; 13×19 inches, $109.99; 17×22 inches, $169.99.