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Review of the Canon Pro1000

Printer technology is constantly evolving. Printing professional photography is an art form on its own. Think of a painter with a blank canvas before him. Without a brush, nothing can be created. It works the same for printing. Without a printer, we are left with a blank canvas. Canon wants to take this art form to the next level with their new line of printers. The Canon Pro 1000 is the first that the company has announced. This printer has been designed by Canon to take professional photo printer to a whole new level. Wide format printing technology has been around for a while now, and the Canon Pro 1000 is taking a new and different approach to the process.

The Canon Pro 1000 uses technology that has been specifically designed for professional photographers that pay attention to the smallest detail. This revolutionary new system that canon is implementing on this new printer begins with the print head. Canon worked on improving the specifications of the Pixma Pro 1 printer. The results have led them to designing a print head that is 50 percent larger than the previous model. This also expands the total number of nozzles to 18, 432 in each of the 12 channels. Canon developed this larger print head with speed in mind. The increased size of the head can produce at a much faster speed while maintaining the high resolution canon is renowned for. Utilizing a sophisticated real time ink ejection which helps to keep a consistent print head temperature this printer creates precise droplets to prevent clogs and reduce cleaning cycles. With less cleaning to do, less ink is used for printing. In addition to this system Canon added anti clogging technology where ink ejections are precisely checked by sensors and if the system detects a clog, another nozzle automatically backs up the clogged one. This process was set in place to keep the printer from stopping mid print job to check or fix a nozzle. Therefore keeping the printer continuous and efficient.

The brand new print head is only the beginning of a creatively designed printer by Canon. The Canon Pro 1000 also has a new ink system put in place. The Lucia Pro 11 color plus Chroma Optimizer ink system was designed specifically to meet the demands of the most detail driven photographer. An optimized resin coating for each pigment enables denser droplets to be printed on the media. This results in a greatly increased color gamut of up to %19 more than the Pixma Pro 1 printer. Such dense configuration of the ink also brings uniformity for viewing condition and an image clarity that achieves anti bronzing. The Chroma Optimizer adds a finishing touch like no other. Canon’s Pro 1000 has been designed to work seamlessly when changing media types. Most of us are familiar with the process of switching ink between photo and matte black. Canon’s design removes that step entirely. Both the photo and matte black inks now have their own dedicated nozzles making switching between the two inks a thing of the past. Now we can print on

glossy paper and switch to fine art paper with no worries, changes, and no waste. Each of these 11 80ml inks and Chroma Optimizer combined with new print head and nozzle technology will deliver prints of the highest caliber down to the smallest detail.

With newly redesigned hardware, Canon continues to innovate by addressing the other side of this coin. The Pro 1000 comes with newly upgraded software titled Print Studio Pro v 2.0. This software focuses on quality and ease of use. Print Studio Pro works as a plugin for Adobe software such as Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom as well as the Canon Digital Photo Professional software that exports files directly to the printer. Print Studio Pro has 16 bit processing capabilities. This means fine details are dramatically improved, gradations are smooth and a highly accurate reproduction of the original captured image can be printed. Included with this software will be the Media Configuration Tool which enables customization of the media in the driver and the printer. Additionally, this tool can adjust the hardware to fit the media of your choice.

These adjustments include moving the print head height which adds flexibility to achieve optimal quality across a wide range of media options.

With this new printer, Canon has put a big focus on compatibility. Primarily, Canon wants their new printers to be compatible with third party media providers. Canon understands that professional photographers can tend to favor specific type of media that can sometimes be from a third party provider. With this in mind, they have worked together with third party paper companies to design more specific profiles for other brands of photo and fine art paper. That was the idea behind the Media Configuration Tool. A perfect example of the versatility of this tool would be to pair it up with the Art Deco media brand that ImagePro International carries.

With the Media Configuration tool that Canon provides with the Pro 1000 you can create custom Art Deco profiles and set them to be compatible with the wide variety of media in the Art Deco brand be it from canvas to photo paper. This printer is not just versatile with its media handling options. The Pro 1000 also has a built in Ethernet connectivity which can enable it to print wirelessly from a range of devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, or even directly from your Canon camera. WiFi support is another option for connectivity, and if you want to skip a step, the Pro 1000 offers direct printing from cameras via PictBridge and from popular online storage services like Apple’s AirPrint.

In conclusion, Canon has always raised the bar with their imaging technology. This printer is an example of an intuitive redesign of a series that already had endless possibilities.With their new ink system that includes the Chroma Optimizer, in combination with their new Media Configuration tool will allow everyone to have absolute control over their artistic process. Printing pictures means much more than it ever has in our present time. Here at ImagePro International we continue to work with Canon to provide artists everywhere the proper tools to understand, and enjoy the way they create art. From the first time you hear that camera shutter click, to the beautiful prints that click will produce.

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