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ImagePro New Canon Cameras

The Canon EOS 5DS is a groundbreaking example of how innovative and advanced photography has become. After releasing the 50 megapixel powerhouse that is the EOS 5DS one would think that Canon has reached their highest potential. Well we would be very wrong. The recent announcement of 3 new cameras designed with all new technology has Canon faithful and photographers everywhere bursting with excitement. Canon has released a new EOS in the M10 and the M3 meanwhile it has also added two PowerShot models as well. The idea behind these three cameras is to reach amateurs and enthusiasts at a reasonable price.
The brand new Canon EOS M10 is designed for amateur photographers who aspire to create. This camera is a statement that Canon is making by designing it mirrorless. At the heart of this camera stands an 18 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, setting the minimum to max resolution between 720 x 840 to 5184 x 3456 dpi. The EOS M10 can also shoot at either 3:2 or 16:9 ratios. This means that the M10 has the power to take very large pictures without sacrificing portability. This camera is designed to be compact, and easy to use. Apart from amateur photographers, the EOS M10 was created for our “social media generation.” Perfect for capturing “selfie” moments the M10 camera has a three inch screen that tilts up 180 degrees to make sure you can capture everything you want in the shot, with precise accuracy. For those who like to take and share photos and video at very high quality while being on the go, the EOS M10 is the camera for you. With built in Near Field Communication function, Canon has made sure that this camera is compatible with most current Android and IOS devices. That being said, it does also have Wi-Fi connectivity which can be paired with the Canon free Camera Connect app available through the app store and Google Play across all smart devices. With this app we can remotely control the camera and receive a live view in our devices. The touch screen is another great feature in this camera replacing most of the physical control dials and buttons. In addition, the camera also has a built in HDMI port to view your pictures at their best.
In addition to the M10 the EOS M3 is another of Canon’s intuitive designs.The EOS M3 is a compact but comfortable mirrorless camera. This camera packs a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. Combined with Canon’s advanced lens technology this camera is a powerhouse. Taking up the entire back is a 3 inch LCD screen that flips up to 180 degrees. This camera was designed to be lightning fast. The EOS M3 has 49 phase detect autofocus points built right into the sensor. This is ideal for both stills and movies. Alongside the high potential to be precise with the CMOS sensor, the M3 is versatile in it’s connective capabilities. With built in WiFi and NFC, sharing photos with the world is seamless. This camera is compatible with almost all Canon lenses out today. The mirrorless trend continues to grow, and with the EOS M3, Canon will lead the race.
Alongside the Canon EOS M10 and the M3, there have been two other brand new cameras that Canon has released. The PowerShot G5 X and the PowerShot G9 X.These two cameras are part of Canon’s high end point and shoot series of equipment. Both of these cameras feature a 1 inch 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with a Digic 6 image processor and ISO up to 25,600. These two cameras may have a lot in common because they are part of the same series,however they do differ in very
distinct features. The G5 X’s main strength is high quality EVF. This feature allows a 2.36 million dot, high definition electronic viewfinder view scenes from edge to edge. On the front of the camera stands a 4.2x f/1.8-2.8 optical zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent focal range of 24-100 mm. It also features a 9 blade aperture and incredibly intelligent image stabilization to reduce shake in places where there might be low lighting. With the added 1.04 million dot panel LCD screen on the back that can also tilt, the PowerShot G5 X is packed in a very professional body, making it ideal for amateur photographers. Partnered with the G5 X, the PowerShotG9 X was announced simultaneously. The G9 X was approached differently that the G5 X. This camera is designed to be a lightweight and compact gadget photographers would be proud to show off. This model has a 3 inch LCD touchscreen on the back where all of the controls rest. The lens is 28-84mm f/2-4.9 with 3x optical zoom. While sharing the same image stabilization system as the G5 X, this camera stands out as a great option for snapping pictures and sharing them wherever you are. Both of these cameras contain the 1-inch 20.2 megapixel sensor at their core. In addition, both models also offer 1080p video recording and built in Wi-Fi/NFC which can allow users to transfer photos and videos to other devices and to Canon’s new Connect Station CS100.
The Canon Connect Station CS100 is another great example of creative design for a product. The CS100 is Canon’s first media hub. This cross media station will let you easily store, transfer, view and share all of your photos and videos. The Connect Station CS100 comes with a 1 TB hard drive and can receive your files from your devices without a computer. This media hub was designed to help you free up memory cards with minimal hassle. In addition to the internal storage, this device gives you the option to attach a separate external hard drive to back up and restore your files. With Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC technology this Connect Station will make transferring files as easy as the push of a button. The idea behind the CS100 is to plug it into your TV or any monitor at home which can be done via HDMI, and view all of your images and videos from your camera and other devices. The Connect Station features an interface that organizes your files by the dates they have been shot in, the type of camera, and custom created albums.
Canon is the type of company that wants to make sure all of their creations can work off one another. In our present time, sharing pictures and videos in social media with friends and family is a staple for technology. Canon understands that is the way technology is headed. That is why they have released the EOS M3, M10, PowerShot G5 X and G9 X and the Connect Station CS100. All of these new devices have sharing capabilities, be it through Wi-Fi or NFC connectivity. Taking high quality pictures or videos and showing them off to your friends and family with these devices is now streamlined in a quick and fun way.

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