Our review of Dinax 3.0 Version of their Mirage RIP


Dinax recently introduced the 3.0 version of their very successful Mirage Professional Print Solutions. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Mirage is a RIP (Raster Image Processor) software developed, optimized and used by: Photographers, fine-art printers, print service providers, graphic designers, marketing agencies, layout designers, packaging designers and professional amateurs. The Mirage software offers professional and "Prosumer" functionality, all at a cost-effective price point.

Today we are reviewing the functionality of Mirage as well as the new improvements which came with version 3.0. The intuitive Mirage user-interface enables you to work fast and efficiently. As native plug-in Mirage offers everything, as it should be: smooth and perfectly scaled gradients, fonts and embedded vector graphics. Mirage comes as plug-in for: Adobe© Photoshop©, Adobe™ Photoshop™ Elements, Adobe™ InDesign™ and Adobe™ Illustrator™ or as a stand-alone droplet based application.


What you see is what you get : Mirage will both significantly optimize and simplify the printing workflow at the same time. Get rid of wasted media caused by "trial & error" techniques from the past. The Mirage preview window shows exact print results.

Manage your Print Jobs: The Mirage Jobs-Archive enables you to manage already processed jobs. By simply pressing the Print button, all Jobs stored within the archivecan be printed again at any time.

The Mirage Jobs Archive is ideal not only for an uncomplicated reprint, for example of editions of your works, it also allows you, as a Print Service Provider, to make test prints for customers and recreate those prints after his final approval in any quantity requested. The Mirage Job Archive is part of any 3.0 installation, it does not matter if you receive 3.0 via an Upgrade or with a new purchase, the Job Archive is included.


No length limitation: Mirage has no limit. Print panorama images with ease and without any limit. Print 30.000px and more. If Adobe® Photoshop® can handle it, the Mirage Photoshop Plug-in can print it!

Several new improvements came in to the latest version of the software, here we get a first impression on what Mirage 3.0 has to offer.

"Mirage Canon Edition iPF 8&12 Color" are available for order immediately. If you are already using a Canon printer in addition to an Epson printer, you can order updates for a reasonable price. Support for Adobe® CC: Mirage 3.0 now supports Adobe® Photoshop® CC, InDesign® CC, and Illustrator® CC.

Mirage now support Canon iPF printers, while previous version only supported Epson printers, the newest Mirage Version now offers support for current 5, 6, 8 & 12 color iPF printers from Canon. Both Mirage Versions "Mirage Master Edition Canon" and

An important improvement is that Mirage now offers the possibility to add Files Retrospectively. Mirage provides the option of adding JPEG, TIFF, or PDF files without having to close the print dialog first. Click the "Add Files" button or simply drag and drop the files into the Mirage preview area. It does not matter whether Mirage was started as a plug-in from an Adobe application or the Mirage Stand-Alone version is used. This new function can be used to make optimal use of "empty" space, for example, and save paper in the process.


New Color Management Functions: Sometimes files without color management (missing ICC Profile) have to be opened. Mirage 3.0 displays a message indicating this problem when a file of this type is opened and provides the option of assigning an ICC profile to the file when it is opened. A color true printout is then possible based on the assigned profile.

For example, if you open an RGB file (such as a photo from a digital camera or scanner) and the menu on the left appears, reliable color reproduction is not possible if you do not know the original color space of the source file. Usually in this case, the best compromise is to assign the "sRGB" profile.


Simultaneous Work from Different Adobe® Applications. Printing with Mirage just got easier. Mirage 3.0 makes it possible to transfer files from different Adobe® programs, Simultaneous Work from Different Adobe® Applications. Printing with Mirage just got easier. Mirage 3.0 makes it possible to transfer files from different Adobe® programs, such as InDesign®, Illustrator®, or Photoshop®, to a Mirage print job one after the other. As already mentioned you can also add additional files. This is ideal for making optimal use of the media type. Adobe Applications All plug-ins and the "Mirage Stand-Alone" application now form one strong unit, where all images/documents come together. Active connections to the Mirage plug-ins in Adobe® programs can be closed at any time by clicking the connection symbol in question (bottom left of the Mirage main window). For example, clicking the Photoshop® symbol easily removes all images from Mirage which were opened by the Photoshop® plug-in in Mirage. Which would make it possible to work on the file in Photoshop and then simply select Mirage Print again. The picture then would be send back to Mirage. This means you can still work on certain programs, but the Mirage interface will remain open.


You can now add your logo to the files to be printed. The "Logo Overlay" function saves the time and effort of manually adding a logo to each image in a third-party image processing program. The new "Logo Overlay" menu item on the left side of the Mirage main window can be used to select the logo and view the logo placement options.


Improved Overview of the Document List. The overview function in the document window has been adapted to include the new options provided by this Mirage version. In one look you can see which application/plug-in has transferred images or documents to Mirage. The image on the left provides a structured view of the files from different applications (Photoshop Documents, Illustrator Artboards, and pages from InDesign).


Additional Menu Item "Print Job Management": Mirage has long provided the option to delay print jobs. This is ideal for when changes still have to made on the printer, for example, before the print job can actually start, such as placing the correct media type in the printer. If more than one user has access to one printer, jobs from one user can be prioritized by delaying jobs from other users. In the case of multiple requests to automate this function via droplets or Stored Settings, this setting can now be defined directly in the Mirage main window.Finally the print dialog no longer closes automatically after a print job has been carried out.

This new function makes it possible to print the job again with the same or changed settings.

Dinax brings us with this 3.0 version a very complete solution for all the professionals out there for a fraction of the price of other RIP Software. To celebrate the launch we are offering 20% discount all the Mirage 3.0 versions use Code MIR1014 at check out or call us at +1 305-969-8863:

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